Monday, August 1, 2011

Haunted Workshop, the Literary Highlight of my Year

 I’m so stoked to be driving to a haunted hotel in the mountains this weekend to meet with Intera Cirklo, my writer’s group and best pals from Antioch ULA. I’m lucky to have found such a talented group of writers and such a goofy bunch of weirdos to get lit with. That’s “lit” short for literary, of course…

Left to right: Andrew Panebianco--his fancy last name means “white bread.” Scott Miller, math genius and algorithmic poet. Seth Fischer, Rumpus maker and splinter technician. R. Neal Bonser, fiction phenom (and my roomie). Jane O’Keefe, long form master and rodeo queen. Hazel Kight Witham, stunt driver and prose wizard. Lisa M-G, Class President and future U.S. Poet Laureate.  

I’ll be posting lots about these folks here. Reading their work this time around has inspired me to step up my game, because I don’t want to be left behind when they all get published and famous! 

Last year at our annual Haunted Worskhop I submitted an early action sequence from "Rough & Ready Island." This time around I'm sending the revised first chapter, just because first chapters are so important and I want to make sure I'm grabbing readers. I'm also throwing in some very rough character sketches from my next novel, which I hope to have at least halfway drafted by this time next year.

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