Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Demand

I just read these two great interviews on PopMattters with a couple of cutting edge Print-On-Demand publishers . One of the companies, Publication Studio, is run by is a group of ex-punks in Portland who put out hundreds of cool titles for a diverse group of authors. Instead of marketing books, they say they “tend to their social life,” which  is wonderful because it shows they think of books as living things, not just numbers on a spreadsheet. The other interview is with a small reprint press—and I didn’t even know they did this with POD—putting out cool, old, pulp novels from the ‘50s and before.
I think POD really is the future of publishing, just like small record labels that help bands cultivate niche audiences  are the future of the music biz. Anyway, it sure looks like where I’m headed.

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